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The largest celebration of Vietnamese contemporary art is launched with ‘AIA Vietnam Eye’ 09. 06. 16 - 7:20 am

Source: Global Eye Programme

‘AIA Vietnam Eye’ is being announced by Parallel Contemporary Art in collaboration with AIA

Wednesday 1st JuneParallel Contemporary Art, in collaboration with AIA (AIA Vietnam Life Insurance Co Ltd, or “AIA”) is delighted to announce the launch of AIA Vietnam Eye.


AIA Vietnam Eye, which will be the largest celebration of Vietnamese contemporary art, will feature a two-month exhibition in Hanoi from November 2016 to January 2017, a thirteen month campaign of pop up exhibitions, educational forums and workshops led by artist presentations at ‘nest by AIA’ in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, and an AIA Vietnam Eye book featuring up to 75 artists.

Following the exhibition in Hanoi, selected artists from AIA Vietnam Eye will exhibit at one of London’s most prestigious spotlights on emerging artists and new art scenes, START at Saatchi Gallery, for an exhibition in September 2017.

AIA Vietnam Eye is a celebration of Vietnam’s vibrant contemporary art scene and is the eighth project in the Global Eye Programme – a programme which was established in 2009 by David and Serenella Ciclitira in order to nurture artistic talents across Asia’s emerging art scenes.

From the left: Mr. Wayne Besant – CEO of AIA Vietnam, Mrs. Serenella Ciclitira – Founder of Parallel Contemporary Art, Mr. Gordon Watson – Regional Chief Executive of AIA, Mr. David Ciclitira – Founder of Parallel Contemporary Art, Ms. Cecilia Piccioni – Ambassador of Italy to Vietnam, Mr. Giles Lever – British Ambassador to Vietnam và Mr. Đỗ Ngọc Minh – Founder of Soi and Luala.

Vietnam has developed rapidly in the last ten years with a new generation of contemporary artists who balance cultural and social issues with a very contemporary outlook, and who bring awareness of international art world trends to their work.

The exhibition will be curated by Serenella Ciclitira, Founder of Parallel Contemporary Art, Nigel Hurst, CEO of the Saatchi Gallery, Niru Ratnam, Director of START, and will feature work by both established and emerging Vietnamese contemporary artists.

It will be accompanied by the ‘AIA Vietnam Eye’ book, which will feature up to 75 artists – 23 of which will be chosen to take part in the exhibition. The book is edited by Serenella Ciclitira and will be published by SKIRA. Alongside detailed information on each artist, it will include contextualising essays on Vietnamese contemporary art, offering an unprecedented in-depth look at country’s artists. Two local advisors – Tran Luong and Vi Kien Thanh, Director of the Department for Fine Arts, Photography and Exhibition, Ministry of Culture will assist the curators in this project.

Trần Lương – an artist and also an experienced curator

Together, the book and the exhibition will offer an overview of one of the newest and most exciting scenes in the global art world.

The initiative is supported by the British Council, the British Ambassador to Vietnam and the Italian Ambassador to Vietnam.

Serenella Ciclitira, Founder of Parallel Contemporary Art, said: “Art must have the ability to engage, surprise and also connect with the epics of nations and community. In the very complex cultural & political Vietnamese environment artist are exploring issues of identity, of personal and collective memories, of socio-political and cultural changes relying on the power of visual art to communicate locally and we hope through AIA Vietnam Eye also with a wider global audience”.

Serenella Ciclitira (middle) and David Ciclitira (right) – founder of Parallel Contemporary Art

Wayne Besant, Chief Executive Officer of AIA Vietnam said, “We know that arts and culture illuminates and enriches our lives. We also recognize that arts and culture have a wider impact in education, in the economy, and in our health and wellbeing as a society. It is an enabler for us become more imaginative, innovative, and better connected with each other. These are qualities that the AIA Vietnam Eye project aims to share with the public and is a project that shares the same values with AIA. It encapsulates our long standing commitment to be deeply engaged in people’s lives, and make a positive impact in the communities that we operate. As the Real Life Company, AIA is committed to help families in Vietnam and across the region lead healthier, longer, and better lives.”

Niru Ratnam, Director of START said, “There’s no doubt that interest in Vietnam’s art scene is growing. This exhibition and the publication will offer the art world a chance to really get to know what’s going on in one of the most exciting art scenes that is emerging right now.”

Minh Do, Founder of SOI said, “It is a nice coincidence that AIA Vietnam Eye happens at the same time as the country celebrates 30 years of DoiMoi. The art of Viet Nam has undergone a difficult but no less interesting journey through those 30 years as the country integrates to the world. Learning has never been easy, and it is worth looking back as much as looking forward as generations of artists in and from this land evolve.”

Mr. Minh Do (left), founder of Soi


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